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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
By I'cent Newton
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We are on countdown as we look forward to Max & Judith's Wedding,it was really fun hanging out with them over the weekend to create their pre-wedding pictures,they were great company,Judith literally kept cracking me up with her funny jokes and I'm so happy for them as they compliment each other so much.



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Helen Gbinigie - Congratulation Bro Maxwell and Sis Judith, what a perfect couple. There's nothing as beautiful as being with someone who brings joy to your heart and whose words makes you feel ontop of the world. Ride on you both its your time. Remember to enjoy your wedding to the fullest , its a day the lord has made and we are glad.
God is faithful indeed
Charys-Love Fran Akamessan - Congratulations to my special brother Maxwell and my sweet sister Judith. You guys rock and your pictures speak volume!! You are perfect together and will go very far!! I love you guys dearly and wish an outstanding wedding and a fruitful and productive marriage in Jesus' name! The Holy Spirit with You, it is a total success!! MOUACK and remouack!!! Victory Parade continues!!! GLORY!!!!!
Gift Osehenye - Our baby girl is getting married. She has grown into a stunning lady, prepared by the Holy Ghost, such a delight and ready to be used of God. Now is the time, the season, the hour, the special moments to be enjoyed. I am sooooooo excited. Who else has been honoured and favoured to have this precious gem other than my beloved brother, handsome to say the least, passionate about the things of God, highly connected, Full of love....... I pray for you that your home is a solace of peace, love and joy, a succour to the weary soul. You both fulfil your God given destinies and are relevant in the kingdom. Your children are blessed. Dream some more - bigger dreams and desires come to pass. The love of God is shed abroad in your hearts by the HOLY GHOST. ENJOY YOUR LIVES TOGETHER - LET THE FELLOWSHIP CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!