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Saturday, July 11, 2015
By I'cent Newton
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It was a pleasure documenting Osa & Towo's Wedding Last week in the Eastend of London(Newham). After somany years together with four lovely kids  they finally decided to say I do, it was a classy family affair with their Children forming a Boys only Bridaltrain. I spent just an hour with them but we sure did have fun creating the pictures below and  I am really happy for them, Big Congrats!  


I'm outnumbered but so safe with my Boys 

The Rings, A sign of our commitment... 

We are so Ready for this...

Yes Finally...

With this Ring...

"Capture This please; Towo means a lot to me...

"Signing My Love away to the Man I  Adore"

"We've done it"

"Signed and Sealed with a Kiss"

"Never Letting you go"

"Your still beautiful even after all these years"

"There is always Mayhem but our boys bring us JOY"

"Expressing Love in the midst of the Drama"

"I found my resting place in you" 

"In our Love we trust" 

"Bound by Love" 

               "Your just Awesome" 
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